5 NY-Style Pizzas To Try In Phoenix, AZ


New York is famed for many things, including pizzerias, and if you have been craving for authentic pizzas inPhoenix that replicate the flavor, you will find some amazing options. Many people associate Arizona and Phoenix for the love of tacos, but some of the pizzerias here will surprise you. It is not that hard to order a pizza that tastes like New York. We recommend some of the best pizzas that have the NY tweak here in Phoenix.

  • Lasagna pizza. This is a classic pick for anyone who is a fan of sausage, meat sauce and mozzarella. The lasagna pizza is incredibly full of gooey flavors, and if you want to share, you can definitely try the 18-inch one.
  • New York Cheesesteak. You don’t need an introduction for this one. This is the ultimate pizza that consists of warm roasted beef with toppings like bell pepper, roasted garlic, and even mushrooms. Order a 10-inch one on a lazy Sunday evening!
  • BBQ chicken. If you don’t expect to experiment with your pizza, BBQ chicken is the one to go for. The typical BBQ chicken pizza includes the famed sauce with selected veggies, often some mushrooms, chicken breast with garlic flavor and lots of cheddar cheese.

  • Classic Margherita. The name says it all. A lot of people do not really like a lot of toppings on their pizza, and the Classic Margherita is probably their regular pick. It includes garlic butter, the best tomato sauce, fresh basil, roasted garlic, and balsamic vinegar with pecorino. On a budget pizza day, it doesn’t get any better.
  • Shrimp Pizza. If you like offbeat options but NY style pizzas, you will find selected Arizona restaurants serving this option. The base is typically of cream with a hint of cilantro, while the toppings include shrimp with garlic, selected veggies, cherry tomatoes, and often mushroom.

The best thing is many Phoenix pizzerias actually serve by slice, so there is a lot you can enjoy. You can always check for other unique options that go on the sides, and if you are in for a party and want something gluten-free, you can order that too at selected outlets.

Final word

Cheeseburgers and pizza remain the classics of New York, and just because you are in AZ doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the flavors. Check online for the best Phoenix pizzerias now and place your order!

Gerard Hook
the authorGerard Hook