BBQ Food In Kansas City: Dishes Worth Spending On!


Kansas City is known for many things – incredible jazz music, baseball, and of course, food. Many travelers are pleasantly surprised to know that there are so many BBQ restaurants in Missouri, and some of the best ones in the state and country can be found here. In fact, if you love the Texas style of BBQ, you will love the food scene here too. Exploring the restaurants can be overwhelming for some, because BBQ in the city is also about fusion food. You don’t merely get burnt ends, but also burgers, sandwiches, and salads with burnt ends. Here’s what you need to try while visiting a restaurant!

Smoked Beef Brisket

If you have to order that one thing for your meal, go for the standard Smoked Beef Brisket, which is typically served with gravy, fries, white cheddar cheese curds, BBQ sauce, and chives, with chopped brisket. You probably had no idea food in KC was so good!

Smoked & grilled pork belly

The next thing worth a try is the smoked & grilled pork belly – a classic of sorts, served with slaw. You will find pulled pork, pork spare ribs on the menu too, so choose what works best for you.

Bacon-wrapped Shrimp

Talk of fusion food, and some restaurants, such as Q39, serve this option. Shrimp anyway has a flavor that’s hard to bear, and when wrapped with juice stripes of bacon, the taste goes to the next level. The recipe can be served either with jalapeno-cilantro slaw, or fries on the side. Our recommendation would be a salad, if the restaurant doesn’t serve slaw, or maybe mashed potato!

Incredible combos

There are varied kinds of combos you would find in BBQ restaurants in the city, which are ideal for sharing, or when you want to try more options. For instance, pork spare ribs can be served along with smoked chicken, the classic pulled pork and sliced brisket, with fries, sausage or bacon on the side. Try the apple slaw, which is another pick that works well with grilled meats, thanks to the extremely creamy dressing. There are also variety of crispy fries, served with Chipotle Ketchup, or baked beans, which is again a must-have at many BBQ eateries.

Kansas City can surprise you in many ways, but the food here is incredible to say the least. Don’t expect the obvious, and do try some of the fusion burgers and sandwiches served for both lunch and dinner.

Gerard Hook
the authorGerard Hook