Different Benefits of trying Kombucha


If you are the kind of person who likes to make everything from scratch, it is highly recommended that you brew your own kombucha. Kombucha is often made with black tea, which is a much stronger base than the other types of tea you may be used to drinking. In fact, it is so strong that you may find that it is too strong for some people, particularly if they are new to brewing their own beverage.

If you are not an experienced tea drinker, you may find that the strong taste of kombucha is off-putting and want to consider buying a less strong flavor variety for your first attempt at making your own. There are many different ways to make organic kombucha, and the most common method used these days is by kettle brewing, also called constant stirring or continuous brew.

Kombucha on the rocks

This is one of the more simple and straightforward brewing methods, and it is great for people who are not very experienced in brewing or who just want a quick fix when they are short on time. Kombucha on the rocks is simply steeped tea with a small amount of sugar and carbon dioxide (CO2) added for flavor.

While this is a great way to start your brewing process, you can also try out various different flavor combinations as you become more experienced. You can also try out different types of carbonated drinks, like coke or sprite, and see if you like them better than kombucha.

Kombucha with fruit

Fruit flavoring is a very popular way to add a fruity flavor to kombucha, and there are many different types of fruit you can use for your brew. You can use grapes, strawberries, oranges, or even kiwis. If you are not a big fan of fruit, you can try adding a little honey instead to balance out the sweetness in your beverage. You can also mix in some gummy bears or other snacks to give your kombucha a more intense flavor and texture.

Kombucha with a little honey

Honey is a natural sweetener, so you will not be sacrificing flavor in exchange for more sweetness in your kombucha. In fact, honey is one of the more balanced sweeteners because it has the right amount of sweetness to suit many different palettes while retaining a slightly bitter taste. You can also add some stevia or iced tea to round out the sweetness in your beverage if you want to keep things a little more low-key.

Kombucha with mint and ice chips

If you are looking for a different flavor profile than just fruit and honey, try adding in some mint and cooling ingredients like ice chips. You can either add the chips raw or give them a quick rinse to remove some of the excess salt before adding them to your brew. You can also add some cocoa nibs or almonds to give your kombucha a richer texture and flavor.


The world of kombucha is a very exciting one to explore, and there are so many different ways to enjoy it! You can purchase ready-to-brew kombucha or make your own at home. If you are interested in trying out kombucha for the first time or want to add a new flavor profile to your favorite brew, pick up some specialty ingredients at your local grocery store or online. You will be glad you did!

Gerard Hook
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