Everything You Need To Know About Color My Cookie


Have you eternally wished that you’d create a beautifully-painted cookie, but end up finding yourself overwhelmed via supplies, effort, and time needed? Stocking on the sprinkles, icing, and baking components takes a lot of money and time, often turning the sweet ideas into some major bother.

However, with decorating kits by Color Cookie, one gets to skip directly to the fun bit: decorating the cookies (and then eating ’em afterward!). Every collection includes all these elements you will require to feel like the true expert.

Each collection has free worldwide shipping, so you are never more than only some days away from making unbelievable, edible arts in the convenience of the home.

The cookies are just wow!

They go on to make an individual feel like you’re a renowned artist and also they taste incredible too! If you look into videos on the official site then you will see the video looks so great as the kids will genuinely be inspired to take time out instead of only slapping on icing and sprinkles so that they’d eat ’em!

The enchanting cookies 

Once you go on to have these cookies you will realize how good does it taste. And not just that it also looks so good with all those colors and glitters on each and every cookie. So, what are you all waiting for? Go place an order or get your kids to learn the whole game of making a fine cookie.

Collections for Each Occasion

If you are planning a family get-together, birthday party, or only looking for anything fun to do, Color Cookie is an excellent way to create sweet memories that’ll last a little longer after the ultimate bite of a cookie. The collection of these decorating kits is designed for nearly all times and maturity levels so that you may be positive that you are cooking up an incredible activity that’ll be fun for all of you.

With the wide range of themes, the collection is sure to please your family and friends – and the best of all, they are always stretching on the newer ideas! From a festive seasonal kit of cookies to daily designs, the Color Cookie has got it all.

Make sure that you do not miss the new collections via subscribing to the Color Cookie subscription box, which happens to send the newer collection to one’s home every week and month!

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