Tackling The Unique Sanitization and Disinfecting Challenges of the Food Industry


In a fast-paced food outlet, cleanliness is one of the biggest concerns. There’s no time to put business on hold during sanitization procedures; but those processes can’t be ignored either! Whether it’s the food and beverages section of a 5-star hotel, the kitchenette in a fast-food restaurant, or a 24-7 food prep section of a busy diner, more entrepreneurs and operations managers are turning to the use of hypochloris acid sanitizers and disinfectants. And there’s good reason for doing so.

Safety First…and Always

Many eateries and food-serving establishments work as 24-hour operations, 7-days a week. In environments such as those, taking time-out for chemicals to “dry off” for a few hours, after cleaning crews spray disinfectants across the room (s), isn’t an option. With hypochlorous acid products, that’s not required.  HOCL is a highly effective, non-chemical-based disinfectant that’s ideal to sanitize the entire establishment, including:

  • Tabletops and counters
  • Chairs and stools
  • Booths and cubicles
  • Baby seats, booster seats and high chairs
  • Reception areas
  • Bar counters
  • …and much more

From doors and ceilings, to walls and floors…and everything in-between, hypochloris acid safely sanitizes them all. And because of its non-toxic formulation, there’s no risk to consumers, staff, or visitors to the restaurant or bar. It’s safe to resume business as usual within moments of a disinfection round.

More than Customer-facing

Most diners, restaurants and food joints have segments of their operations that aren’t customer-facing. Whether it’s the back-office accounting department, the busy food storage area, or a (sometimes messy!) kitchen or kitchenette, hypochlorous acid products are ready to disinfect and sanitize it all.

The best thing about using this simple-to-produce sanitizer, is that it isn’t just environmentally safe, but its also food safe. So, what does that mean for busy restaurants and food preparation businesses? Well, it means that, unlike the precautions you take before spraying toxic chemical disinfectants in or around food products, there are no extra precautions required! In fact, many food industry businesses use HOCL to directly wash or clean their produce and raw materials – no after-rinse necessary!

Made In-house

Due to the high traffic nature of the industry, many businesses in the food and beverages industry produce their hypochloris acid in-house. Compact in design, and easy to install, these in-house ECOLOXTECH systems produce Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water onsite, and in unlimited quantities. These business operators find this approach, the on-premises production of disinfectant, more convenient than constantly sourcing their cleaning solution through outside suppliers. You’ll never run out, and there’s never a concern of “supply chain woes!”.

The consequences of disinfectant and sanitizer stock-outs are high, which may force businesses to either shut down until resupply arrives, or face the penalties of continued operation in an unsafe environment.  Neither of these are a challenge when you produce your disinfectant in-house, and have a 24×7 “supply chain” of your own.

All it takes is salt, water, and electricity to produce HOCL. Best of all, the hypochlorous acid products produced by these in-house systems are 100 times more effective, at neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and bacterial spores, than chlorine bleach.

Owning and running a restaurant comes with a whole host of challenges, with sanitation and safety a big one. For help knowing where the germ hotspots are in your restaurant and cleaning best practices, please see the tips below.

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