Visiting Phoenix, AZ? Don’t Miss Trying These Tacos!


Arizona is famed for its tacos, and if you are planning a trip to Phoenix, you need to try tacos, which remain a staple diet inclusion for many local residents. The good news is tacos in Phoenix are anything but boring. There are some incredible Mexican and fusion restaurants and eateries in the city, which serve some of the classic variants, besides a whole range of unique options. If you intend to come in October, make time for the Arizona Taco Festival to be held in Phoenix in the third week, where you can also enjoy some of the best tequilas.

In this post, we are sharing some of the best tacos you will find in Phoenix!

Pineapple Pork Tacos

This may not sound like a standard taco to many Americans, but in Phoenix, and in most parts of AZ, you have to give this a shot. The standard mix of pineapple with smoked pork is an outstanding combi, especially with cheese toppings. Many eateries use a wide range of cheese options, which only adds to the taste.

The classic tacos

What exactly is a classic taco? It depends on where you are having one, but expect the best of either shredded beef or chicken, with a shell that can be either crispy or soft. The toppings typically include sour cream, cheese, with a touch of veggies like tomato and lettuce. On a day when you want to get around and eat cheap, we promise nothing beats classic tacos in Phoenix.

Vegan tacos

There are selected restaurants in Phoenix that do serve veg tacos, including vegan varieties. What is a taco without the meat you may ask! However, the inclusions are quite tempting to say the least, right from grilled veggies, special ingredients like mushrooms, avocados and other options. You don’t have to miss out on either nutrients or flavor!

Blue Cheese Tacos

We had to include something unique on this list, and we picked this one. Blue cheese is not a typical ingredient for a taco for sure, but it’s a unique one. You can go for a taco that’s stuffed with the best of smoked meat, with blue cheese and any toppings of your choice. While you can always add the sauces for sure, but you don’t need any!

If you plan to attend the Arizona Taco Festival in October, make sure to check for details online in advance.

Gerard Hook
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