What makes Bergamot Jam So Special?


Jam without any doubt is a staple food for millions of people across the world. Whether it is breakfast or having a sumptuous lunch or dinner or even brunch, it is quite obvious that jam has a big role to play. It can be used with any type of food though it is most commonly used with bread and butter. There are dozens of brands and makes of jam and each one is unique and different when compared to the other. Hence, it is quite obvious that choosing the right brand of jam is not easy. However, if you look around and do your research, you will be able to come across certain brands of jams that stand apart from the rest of the crowd. One such product is Bergamot Jam. It is a jam that has stood the test of time as far as quality, taste, nutrition and other characteristics. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the reasons for the growing popularity of Bergamot Jam in a highly competitive and demanding market scenario.

The Ingredients behind This Jam

When we talk about Calabrese Bergamot Jam, we need to understand that it comes from the stables of Giannetti Artisans. It is made from many ingredients but the main ingredient is a special type of citrus fruit. This fruit has its home in Calabria and that is the reason why it is referred to as Calabrese Bergamot Jam. We need to have some basic idea about Bergamot fruit. It is round in shape and is slightly larger in size when compared to the conventional orange fruit that most of us are aware of. It is not as yellow as that of a lemon fruit. The skin of the fruit is thin and it comes with a delicate and sweet fragrance. The interior of the fruit has a pungent taste and for many it resembles a grapefruit.

How Does Bergamot Jam Taste

Bergamot jam are made from Bergamot fruit and the fruit is sour. Therefore it is not eaten fresh though it is known to be a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. It is mixed with other ingredients and the jam is made making it edible, tasty and nutritious. It is fantastic for being used with bread toast and could also be used goat cheese. The best of Calabrese bergamot fruits have been used in the making of Bergamot Jam and it certainly is an awesome and unforgettable Italian experience.

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