How to preserve your baked goods


Some baked goods barely have any shelf life naturally. This means, once you’ve combined any of those baking mixes with all other ingredients then baking thereof, the next thing that comes to mind is munching on the baked good – who wouldn’t want to, by the way?

However, we can’t but consider how the tight schedules can cause one from getting ready a favorite baked good for instant consumption. In such instances, it will suffice to have the portion that would serve for a couple of days prepared and stored away. This is where the issue of preservation comes to play. So, how do you preserve baked goods? – You will get to find out as you read on.

Plastic food storage bags

Plastic food storage bags are very handy for keeping muffins as they won’t allow compression – provided you didn’t overstock it. However, you should be mindful to keep them – the muffins – in the bag immediately after they cool off in the muffin pan wells. This way, you will be able to preserve your muffins for up to 3 days in the pantry and even up to 2 months in a functional refrigerator.

Plastic wraps

Plastic wraps are perfect for preserving cakes, and you must do the wrapping immediately your pastry or baked good to limit or eliminate the chances of bacterial activities thereon. Your cakes can stay out in the pantry like this for 4 days, 1 week in the freezer and for up to 4 months in the refrigerator.

Paper bags

Paper bags will also do a great job in preserving the taste of your baked treats, and this can be for weeks. For the best result, you should first put the baked goods into the paper bags, allowing no air in, and then place inside a plastic food storage bag. The chances of your baked goods picking up moisture are markedly reduced by storing them this way. This will be good for your muffins which are best enjoyed with the succulent, fluffy feel sustained.

Serving the stored baked treats after refrigeration

Nothing stops one from taking your baked cold – straight out of the freezer or refrigerator. There are cakes – e.g., layer cake – that taste better when cold, by the way. But if that’s not your way, then you can have the baked good kept in a preheated oven – preheated at 1750C – for about 10 minutes.

Bonus tips

The following tips should further guide on how you go about storing your baking:

  • Ensure that every pastry or baked good with whipped cream is refrigerated
  • You can store the baked goods that do not contain cream or dairy-based ingredients in airtight containers and have them placed in the pantry or freezer
  • Always remember that humidity can have a huge (adverse) effect on the freshness of your baked goods. So, you should be sure to have your baked goods in airtight containers – like sealed glass jars – that do not allow moisture in.


Preserving your baked goods will not only ensure that they remain fresh but also make your baked goods available to you even during the busiest days. You will certainly have something to munch on for a quick breakfast – topped with a cup of coffee.

Gerard Hook
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