The Top Tips When Creating The Best Party Ever In Australia.


If you have decided to throw a party to celebrate a particular milestone in someone else’s life or maybe your boss asked you to organise a party to say thank you to all the staff, there is lots to do and so many things to think about. You want this to be the party that ends all other parties, and you want everyone to be talking about this celebration many years from now. If this is your first foray into organising a party, then it’s likely that you are both excited and scared all at the same time. Some parties just come together naturally all by themselves and then there are others that need proper planning and organisation.

There are many things that you need to make sure that you have when organising a party, so there should always be a bottle or three of schnapps as people want to start making cocktails and you have the perfect ingredients. Parties need to be a lot of fun for both you, the host, and the people that you invite; the following are just some of the top tips when creating the best party ever.

  • Invite all manner of people – You need to take a brave step and invite many different types of demographics when it comes to organising the best party ever. Don’t be afraid to invite both young and old together and make sure that new friends are invited but also old friends as well. You will want different kinds of personalities to be present so that there isn’t a dull moment in the whole night.
  • Always get your guests to help – Believe it or no, many people like to be doing something when they are at a party, apart from drinking and eating. You can always turn to your friends and family to help out when planning an important event such as this. You can always delegate, as people love to help. Someone can be in charge of the cocktails and the schnapps while another can be in charge of the music.
  • It’s all about the music – The music that you play can make or break your party and so make sure that you play music that suits all generations and some classics as well. It would be an excellent idea to invite your guests to bring the types of music that they like on a memory stick or an SD card. This way you know that the music that you’re playing is what everyone wants to hear.

Always make sure that everyone has a drink in their hands at all times and if there is one time to drink and eat to excess then this is it. Keep the alcohol flowing and invite people to come up with their own new ideas to create cocktails using the many mixers that you have provided.

Gerard Hook
the authorGerard Hook