The Best Tacos worth Trying In Phoenix


If you are making travel plans for later this year, Arizona should be on list. People in Arizona are foodies, and in Phoenix, you can expect to try some of the best Mexican delicacies, especially tacos. Every year in October, it’s time for the Arizona Taco Festival, where locals celebrate the love for tacos and tequilas. Guests can try some of valley’s best restaurants and food trucks, offering tacos of all kinds. In this post, we are sharing some of the best tacos that are worth trying in Phoenix.

Al Pastor Tacos

Talk of iconic tacos, and you have Al Pastor, which basically is a pork taco with pineapples and chilis. It may not seem to be an obvious choice for the faint hearted, but deserves a mention for its unique flavors. Many restaurants in Phoenix have their own versions of Al Pastor Tacos, but the essential mix remains the same.

Tacos de Lengua

Well, if you have the appetite for weird food items, Tacos de Lengua should be on your bucket list. This taco is made of cow tongue, and don’t be skeptical of the taste, because it is actually awesome and rich, and the softness is worth a bite. Taco lovers often rank Tacos de Lengua as one of the unique tacos that must be tried for the name alone.

Chicken tacos

Phoenix serves some of the best chicken tacos you can think of. Most food trucks and restaurants serve variants, but the idea is to use fresh chicken that has been seasoned well, and typically, the taco is topped with pickled red onion. Chicken tacos are great on the go, especially for days when you want to eat something easy.

Blue Cheese Taco

Another rare type of taco is the one that contains Blue Cheese. Definitely not one of the conventional ingredients in a Taco, Blue cheese coupled with chile aioli make this variant worth a try. Selected eateries in Arizona, especially in Phoenix, service the option, so if you can find this on the menu, give it a shot.

Veg tacos

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, Phoenix will not disappoint you with its veggie tacos, and there are a wide range of options and fillings. The best fillings include grilled veggies, and you can also try specialty ones such as mushroom tacos or avocado tacos.

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