What are the advantages and major FAQs of purple banana?


Advantage 1- Right For Hairs

If you’re examining for a key to get freed of dandruff, a purple banana can support it. During the cold months, many have to meet this situation. Bananas mask benefits with almond oil, coconut,

and sesame to moisturize hairs. It also assists in maintaining the dryness of hairs and hair fall. Use a purple banana cover to avoid these issues.

Advantage 2- Control Diabetes

Most individuals have diabetes all around the world. Diabetes can be prevented by enhancing glycemic management. Swallowing purple bananas can be useful for reducing glycemic indexes that lower the glucose status in the blood.

Advantage 3- Control Kidney Stone

These purple bananas are increased in potassium, which assists prevent kidney stone building. It is also suitable for your bones. Purple bananas have calcium, which allows for growing bones and causes them more powerful.

Advantage 4- Benefits Of Stopping Smoking

You might see it incredible, but this is real. The purple banana has a high amount of magnesium and potassium that supports stopping nicotine. These nutrients help to manage the after-giving up nicotine syndrome. It also aids in strengthening your energy status.

If you have any type of anxiety, consuming them will allow you to give positive power.

Some amazing Truths About The Purple Banana Plants

  • Despite the purple colour, it’s understood as “Red Banana” or “Dacca” around the globe.
  • They are considerably dense and lovely compared to yellow bananas.
  • In more relaxed zones, a containerized banana plant can be relocated indoors for the cold months.
  • The royal purple banana plant includes prebiotics that maintains digestive approach fitness.
  • You ought to confirm that the temperature is in agreement with the shipping plants held in a box.
  • In addition to making the top tropical garden build, bananas can donate to your culinary experiences.
  • These bananas are clump-forming plants usually growing 3-5 off-sets per year.
  • The royal purple banana plant blossoms attract bumblebees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
  • Royal Purple matches approx. 5-9 feet when grown with bright green leaves wearing a purple bottom midrib.
  • Banana trees are straightforward to grow, low flowering plants that produce numerous hands of tasty fruit.

Now you must be wondering where To Purchase Purple Bananas?

You might not be capable to see this tasty fruit near your house grocery store. This fruit is a subgroup formed, which mainly flourishes in regions like Southeast Asia. If you are severe about purchasing purple, you can see it in westernized nations like the USA, Canada, and all around Europe.

These bananas are slightly popular, so traders cannot accept them. But a few agents in LA or London offer them. In little cities and towns, they are less prevalent.

Dole brand shows them, but they are non-organic. Online Etsy has a few possibilities you can select from. You can purchase a whole lot of purple bananas smoothly on this website.


Purple bananas are pretty comparable to the standard bright yellow banana we consume. Both are antioxidants and positively wealthy in vitamin C, A, B6, Fiber, and carotene. But comparatively, purple ones are more prosperous in vitamins and fibres.

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