Some Of The Best Things You Can Put On Your French Fries


French fries, or chips for the people in the UK, are popular worldwide, with millions of people eating these delicious, deep-fried potatoes. However, even though cultures worldwide love to eat fries, we all eat them in different ways and add various condiments to them to make them even more delicious. Below are some of the various options you have for your French fries that you may not have tried before, and you want to give a go.

Tomato Sauce

One of the most popular condiments worldwide to eat with your fries is tomato sauce. It is thought the sauce originated in Asia, and it is one of the most popular condiments people have in their cupboards. It is perfect for dipping fries, and you can also combine it with other sauces and condiments.

Sriracha Sauce

Another popular condiment for your fries that originates from Asia is Sriracha chilli sauce. It is like tomato sauce in colour and consistency but offers a slight kick from the sweet chillies used in the sauce. You will often find this sauce in fast-food restaurants throughout Asia, alongside tomato sauce, and it is a firm favourite with lovers of fries.


If you go to the UK, malt vinegar is one of the most popular things to put on your fries or chips. The bitterness of the vinegar goes well when combined with salt and is a firm favourite with most people in the UK. It is so popular in the UK that every fish and chip takeaway you go in will ask if you want salt and vinegar on your chips when you buy them.


Another European favourite to put on their fries is mayonnaise, and this has taken off and can be seen eaten worldwide. If you are looking for something creamy to dip your fries into, this is the option for you, and it is also not as sweet as some sauce you can put on your fries.

BBQ Sauce

Another favourite sauce to dip your fries into is BBQ, which has its origins in North America. However, it usually uses a combination of ingredients, some of which are listed above. Typically, you will create BBQ sauce using vinegar, tomato paste, and mayonnaise, along with other ingredients. It is often a sweet sauce that can go well with fries or barbecued meats.

These are some of the most common toppings and sauces people add to their fries worldwide, but there are more besides. Whichever condiment you prefer to have with yours, consider trying something new, and you may find yourself a new favourite dipping sauce for your fries.

Gerard Hook
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