Your List Of Best Places To Try BBQ In Kansas City


For many people, Kansas City is the ultimate BBQ destination in the US. Many other cities (including Houston & Austin in Texas) do have their own specialties, but KC stands out for many reasons. If you are coming to this city for a trip, or just to explore the food scene, you need to handpick a few restaurants that are worth your time. Here is your guide to eating in Kansas City.

Classic & offbeat – Q39

Q39is easily among the best new BBQ outlets in the city. They are known for their incredible range of classics, right from briskets to burnt ends, to mac & cheese and even burgers and sandwiches. Do give a shot to their in-house sausages, and the pork belly is to die for. The restaurant is known for its ambience too, and we recommend that you book a place in advance.

Old favorite – Joe’s Kansas City

Joe’s Kansas City is famed for its burnt ends, but is served only on Mondays and Saturdays. They have a famed beef brisket on the menu, and their sandwich called Z Man is among the best known in Kansas City. This eatery also has some nice vegetarian options, just in case you are interested.

Bryant’s BBQ

This one needs no introduction and has been a favorite of celebs too. The short end ribs are just perfect, and if you are at Bryant’s BBQ, you have to try their pulled pork. They also have a wide range of pickles that go very well with the standard BBQ fare. Bryant’s BBQ has everything going for it, but doesn’t compare to Q39 in terms of dining experience.

Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

This BBQ place has been around for decades now, and they serve all sorts of meats, including pork and turkey. Their hickory pit beans are an instant hit, and pork ribs here may be the best you will find in KC. They use unique sauces to get their recipes ready, and even the veg items are worth trying.

Kansas City has always been known for its pit masters, and many restaurants are run by generations. If you are here, try all the relevant options, and don’t forget to check the beauty of the city too. The food here is enough alone to keep you satiated in all ways. Some restaurants are busy through the week, so consider an advanced booking.

Gerard Hook
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