4 Benefits of Drinking Alcohol


Drinking is one of the many activities adults partake in during social events, after a long day at work, or to mark a holiday. Like any other product we consume, we want to know that it is made up of quality ingredients. With 2XL Swagger Brands, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality of alcohol. All of our drinks are made from natural herbs and spices that carry many benefits for our consumers, including:

Performance Benefits

One of the primary plants used in our Easy Rhino vodka is Muira Puama, which is mainly used for preventing sexual disorders while increasing your sex drive (as an aphrodisiac). This plant has also been used to settle upset stomachs, help with joint pain, and is used as a general tonic and appetite stimulant.

Naturally Crafted

Many think that all alcohols are manufactured artificially within factories. While this is true for some mass-produced drinks, many brands and commercially available alcoholic products are made through natural processes. For instance, the “alcoholic” nature of these beverages usually comes from the fermentation of one or more main ingredients of the drink. These drinks require countless hours of hard work to achieve. Many less expensive brands make heavy use of synthetic colorings and tastes, leaving you with a chemical and artificial taste/flavor.

Natural Ingredients

Pills and lotions are the most common methods of enhancing a man’s sex life. You may experience a variety of adverse effects when these “hidden” chemicals are used. Keep in mind that the side effects of male enhancement pills could also be dangerous. Some side effects of these supplements can include congestion, back pain, indigestion, and more. With 2XL Swagger, you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects because we only use natural, holistic ingredients in our spirits.

One of which is ashwagandha, which is used to naturally increase testosterone levels (which, in turn, improves stamina and sex drive). This herb even works for men diagnosed with ED by naturally boosting their nitric oxide levels. It’s also important to pay attention to the ingredients in vodka. Ours is the first liqueur to use these exotic herbs that you can’t find in any other spirit.

Reduce the Risk of Certain Illnesses

According to numerous scientific and medical journals, research and studies indicate alcohol consumption in moderation reduces the risk of coronary heart diseases. Several other scholarly articles mention people who consume liquor regularly are less likely to develop diabetes and suffer from stroke. Due to a lack of interest and investment, this field of research has not been extensively explored. Nonetheless, the medical community believes that many consumable substances, including alcohol, are viewed negatively by the public but are beneficial to health.

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