Best Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne


 Spending quality time with friends and family and dining out in a restaurant with nice environment and great ambience is probably one of the best ways to unwind and relax and enjoy drinks and delicious meals.

 Besides proper ambience and good quality of taste buds satisfying dishes, you need many other qualities and facilities from a good restaurant.

Qualities of a good restaurant

The qualities or characteristics people look for in every great restaurant Include:

  • A nice comfortable seating arrangement to sit and relax
  • A great menu
  • Pleasing décor and well- maintained place
  • Hospitable Atmosphere impeccable service
  • Culinary Expertise and great dishes
  • Appealing and attractive light and music system
  • Hygiene and cleanliness
  • Reasonable price

In addition, you look for something unique in a good restaurant that you would like to remember and tempts to pay a return visit. In most cases it is the taste and aroma of dishes served to you in restaurant that you retain for long time.

When you wish to experience all the above, see for Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne  like Hanoi Hannah where you would surely get all the ingredients like mouth-watering Vietnamese dishes and a nice heart-warming place to relax and enjoy food.

Why to go to a Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne?

People go to Vietnamese restaurants to enjoy taste buds stimulating Vietnamese delicacies that are considered one of the most fresh and healthy dishes. The dishes at Vietnamese restaurants are cooked using fresh vegetables, non-vegetarian items and fresh and original spices of Vietnam.

Due to the freshness of ingredients specific aroma emerges that mesmerizes people passing through Vietnamese restaurants.  Even the passer-byes can easily recognize the Vietnamese dishes from typical smell or aroma spreading due to Vietnamese spices, fresh herbs and pungent fish sauces.

People admire Vietnamese food largely due to its invigorating and deliciously fragrance and perfect blend spices with all the five major tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, bitter, tangy and fermented.

Mixing contrasting taste with perfection is a great speciality and culinary skill of expert Vietnamese chefs.

If you wish to experience the redolent of fermented fish sauces, soy sauce, chilli sauce, lemongrass, mint and various other fresh ingredients, you must see for Vietnamese restaurant in Melbourne near you.

 You would surely become an admirer of Vietnamese cuisine, once you experience them in Hanoi Hannah-one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne.

Vietnamese Dishes

Famous Vietnamese restaurants like Hanoi Hannah, offer some of the tastiest Vietnamese dishes like Soups, Soup with noodles, Sandwiches, Pancakes, Broken rice, Noodles and variety of other dishes using fresh seafoods like prawns, beef, pork as well as hem and sausages etc. with most yummy fermented fish sauce, as a dip, without which Vietnamese food is almost incomplete

The flavors and aroma for which Vietnamese food is famous is due to the umpteen use of Spices like Black Pepper and Saigon Cinnamon Bird’s Eye Chilli and turmeric are employed extensively in Vietnamese dishes.

For giving golden appearance, expert chefs add appropriate quantity of turmeric and to add tangy taste Tamarind pulp are used to stimulate your taste buds in Vietnamese cuisine.

Should you wish to enjoy the most delicious, healthy and fresh food, you must see for Vietnamese Restaurant in Melbourne like Hanoi Hannah and have taste buds satisfying and appetite stimulating Vietnamese food.

Gerard Hook
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