Three Things You Might Want To Learn About Pizza Patron


Thirty-four years ago, Pizza Patron operated as an independent restaurant with pizza as its flagship product. Its first branch was opened in Pleasant Grove, which is a heavily Hispanic area in Dallas, Texas. Since its inception, the restaurant has been making its signature dough from scratch in every store every day. Its pizza sauce begins with fresh-packed, crushed Roma tomatoes and marinates for at least 24 hours with its secret blend of spices and herbs. It offers guests a wide selection of traditional pizzas and sides, along with signature pies including the  big pizza made with spicy ranch sauce and loaded with 100% real mozzarella cheese, fresh-sliced onions and piled with smoky chorizo sausage. If you are a pizza lover, there are other things you may want to know about Pizza Patron:

Pizza Patron is not Its Original Name

When Pizza Patron was opened in 1986, it was originally called Pizza Pizza. Owner Antonio Swad opened his business with this name so customers would not be doubtful about what the restaurant offered. After the opening, the owner changed the name due to the pre-existing trademark of another brand.

Pizza Patron Embraced Technology to Create Optimal Customer Experience

The famous pizza place, which is known for its Pizza por Pesos program, updated its website with responsive design in 2016 to ensure users will have an optimal experience, no matter the device they use for accessing the site. It made its investment with mobile ordering in mind. In 2016, the business saw an increase of 49.5 percent in traffic to its website. At the restaurant’s website, customers can learn about Pizza Patron and what they have on the menu including pizza, wings, drinks, and extras like sauces, cheese, and jalapenos. They can also learn about ordering and delivery, the restaurant’s location, payment options, and others.

The Owner Was Hands-On for Seven Years Without a Day Off

As with a lot of new entrepreneurs, the owner of Pizza Patron focused on succeeding. He invested his life savings on his dream and he was determined to succeed regardless of what it took. He worked behind the country for the first seven years and did not mind working without a day off. His hard work paid well as he was able to open another successful brand in 1994, called Wingstop®. This was the number wing chain in the United States at that time.

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